Griffin Byatt

I am a security engineer, currently focused on internet security and RE.

15 January 2019

The Sound Framework

by Griffin Byatt

Sound is a work-in-progress, experimental web framework. The goal of this project is to define some best practices for writing secure web frameworks and to present a working demonstration of these practices.

Sound is built with Swift and Swift-NIO. It should be seen as a playground for bike-shedding usable security in web frameworks. It is not intended to power production applications; though, for certain use-cases, it should be more than capable of doing so. Longterm, the goal is for security features implemented in Sound to act as a blueprint for other modern frameworks.

Right now, Sound is in its very early stages, but it is just far enough along for a “Hello, World!”:

import Sound

let app = Sound()

app.get("/") { conn, _ in
    conn.text("Hello, world!")
app.get("/hello/#name") { conn, params in
    let name = params["name"]!
    conn.text("Hello, \(name)!")


The source code can be found on GitHub. Contributions are very welcome!

tags: sound - swift - security - web frameworks